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Anti Glare Polarized Sunglasses

When it comes to total eye protection from harmful UV light and glare, look no further then Rudy Project optical lenses in the form of our exclusive Impactx Polarized / Photochromic lenses or the solid tint Polarized 3FX Lens. Both lenses offer UV 400 protection but also our Polarized Filtering. Sunglasses with our Impactx Polarized / Photochromic lenses offer a mixture of polarized filtering to stop glare from water, roads, dash boards of cars plus the added advantage of photochromic. These lenses change colour from a light grey to a dark grey also when activated by UV light. Training early in the morning offer light grey tints and when the sun comes up they turn dark grey. This is the perfect all round sports sunglass lens that is good for any conditions. Lenses with our exclusive Polarized 3FX tint offer a full Polarized feel and totally make your eyes relaxing by totally stopping glare from roads, water, dash boards etc. Not only that but we add a Anti Reflective  coating on the inside of the lens to stop reflection bouncing off your cheek into the lens. Stated by Greg Rule, El Presidente of Rudy Project “My eyes feel so relaxed when I’m wearing these babies, its like playing tricks on your eyes