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Cycling Sunglasses

CYCLING SUNGLASSES are at the forefront of the technology, comfort and adjustability. No other Cycling Sunglass company can provide out total comfort system and lens technology. When choosing your cycling sunglass, ensure that you look at the lens technology. We get lots of athletes request transition of photochromic cycling sunglasses to allow them to see first thing in the morning whilst cycling training then get complete glare protection when the sun comes up. Rudy Project cycling lenses are the best in the world for this. Impactx lenses offer complete transition for those session. Our range offers the best clarity for reflection off the surfaces and includes a range of adjustability such as our nose pads which can be easily adjusted with a pinch of your fingers. Light weight and thin temle arms means total comfort whilst wearing your eyewear when using a helmet, Gone of the days of getting a sore head from over thick temple ends used by Oakley, Rudy temples are thin and adjustable.