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Sports Prescription Sunglasses Introduction

By Greg Rule, El Presidente

Rudy Project has a comprehensive range of sports prescription frames, and over the next few tabs we can outline what sports prescription options best suit your needs and budget.

Sports Prescription is complicated due to the high curve of the lens. In fact, Rudy Project is one of the only manufacturers in the world to specialise in Sports Prescription. From RX prescription clips, to direct in-frame prescription on a semi-rimless frame, to Rydon readers Rudy Project offers you so many options.

My name is Greg Rule, I'm the El Presidente of Rudy Project Australia and New Zealand and I love nothing better than helping athletes see better and perform better with Rudy Project Sports Prescription. If you have questions related to sports prescription or sports eyewear, then just contact me and I'll put you in the right direction.


El Presidente