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eRudy The Most Advance Prescription Program

Rudy Project Direct In-Frame
Sports Prescription Sunglasses Introduction

By Greg Rule, El Presidente

Rudy Project has a comprehensive range of sports prescription frames, and over the next few tabs we can outline what sports prescription options best suit your needs and budget.

Sports Prescription is complicated due to the high curve of the lens. In fact, Rudy Project is one of the only manufacturers in the world to specialise in Sports Prescription. From RX prescription clips, to direct in-frame prescription on a semi-rimless frame, to Rydon readers Rudy Project offers you so many options.

My name is Greg Rule, I'm the El Presidente of Rudy Project Australia and New Zealand and I love nothing better than helping athletes see better and perform better with Rudy Project Sports Prescription. If you have questions related to sports prescription or sports eyewear, then just contact me and I'll put you in the right direction.


El Presidente

Rudy Project Direct in-frame Sports PrescriptionTotal Direct In-Frame
the holy grail of sports prescription

The total direct in frame option is taking your prescription and making the whole lens into that script. In fact 3 years ago it was impossible to make an 8 Base or very high wrap sports prescription lens without getting massive distortion. 12 months of trial and error and now we have mastered this amazing sports prescription option.

Without a doubt, in terms of comfort and vision, this is by far the best option but its not always in everyone’s price range.

Why you would want direct in frame sports prescription

As opposed to the RX clip and RX direct clip, your “tunnel vision” can be opened up by up to 25%, meaning that looking left or right, your field of vision is greater without getting distortion. This also depends on the power of your prescription as due to technical issues (the actual blank we cut the lens out of) we are limited to approx. -4.5 combined power.

To confirm if we can put your script into these lenses due to the limitations of the curve, please contact one of our expert Rudy Prescription dealers.

Opening up your tunnel vision with Direct in frame sports prescription below:

Opening up your tunnel vision with Direct in frame sports prescription

The material we use mainly is “impactx” and this is far superior compared to most other lens option. In terms of ABBE value or optical clarity, the impactx lens material is almost twice that clarity as polycarbonate which are used by brands such as Oakley, Nike, Bolle, Adidas and BBB.

Strength wise, impactx is bullet proof, blast proof, acid and chemical resistant and guaranteed unbreakable for life. The difference between this lens and the RX direct clip, the RX direct clip is held together or in place by a nylon cord and this can cause some issues with lenses popping out under extreme pressure whereas this impactx lens is a complete freeform lens itself.


Impactx lenses are mainly sold in photochromic material meaning that the lenses change colour when activated by UV light. For sports that require you to train early in the mornings or late at night then this is perfect, at 5am the lens is completely clear and when the sun comes up it will change colour to a smoke grey.

As an option, the consumer to opt for “diamond coating”. This is an additional service provided upon cutting the lenses whereby we apply a hard coating to the finished prescription lens, which makes it more scratch proof, hydrophobic, higher smug and dust resistant, but it cost slightly more.

The Impactx Direct in frame option is only available from selected dealers and is totally manufactured in Italy. It also takes 3 weeks from date of order for you to get your order.

To Order simply

Visit one of our expert optical dealers.

Rudy Project Australia only manages these jobs/orders as we cannot by law place orders without an optical license, thus the reason why it’s only available through our dealers.

You can get money back from your health fund and this varies from one health fund to another. Consult your optometrist over this.

Price ranging for Impactx Direct in-frame prescription

  • Rydon frame with photochromic clear lenses in single vision approx. $990.00
  • If you order multi focal the cost could be an extra $100 approx
  • Diamond coating cost which is optional cost an extra $80 approx
  • Polarized/photochromic lenses cost approx. $80-$100 more then photochromic.
  • Standard tints which are NON photochromic can be $80-$100 lens depending on the tint

Who can use the Impactx Direct in frame prescription?

Most sports, especially cycling, triathlon, running, outdoor, skiing, rowing, cricket, tennis and golf players that want absolute total comfort and the best prescription vision money can buy. This is the Rolls Royce of sports lenses.

Surgeons, dentist - we have had a big demand from this profession due to the optical clarity, the adjustability, comfort and strength of the material being impactx that require splash proof material.

Mining and safety - part of the service we provide is by offering one model only being the Rydon with photochromic lenses that meet the Australia and New Zealand safety standards 1336 and 1337 approval. For this service you would need to visit one of our dealers listed on the tab.

Prescription Clips

Prescription ClipsThe Prescription / RX clip combination is our entry-level prescription option. The clip actually fits behind the standard lenses / frame and generally sits close to the lens. The clip itself is a “semi rimless” clip meaning that there is NO frame around the bottom of the clip but this is held by nylon via a groove in the prescription lens. This is a new design as opposed to the previous clip that had a complete frame around the scripted lens. With this option you would select the model you like along with the lens tint you would require. Then simply add the clip to the shopping cart and check out. 

Once you receive your order, take the whole lot to your local optometrist or through the dealers we recommend. The optometrist will then ensure your script is up to date and proceed with the fitting and cutting of your scripted lens to be placed into the clip. Some optometrist can do this service themselves, many choose a optical lab. It can take 5-10 days for an optometrist to get the lenses cut and fitted.

This clip can take up to -8 combined power in both - and  + scripts. It can be fitted with single vision or progressive/multi focal. There is also a range of materials that the script can be made out of, some cheaper then others, some thinner then others. The material, coatings, vision should be discussed with your Optometrist.

Prescription Clip models

Prescription Clip models

This clip will fit many models of Rudy Project. So if you decide on another model, you can easily take the clip out and insert into another. Models that use this clip are - Rydon, Magster, Agon, Noyz, Zyon, Proflow Swifty, Stratofly, Kylix

To Order simply:

  1. Select your model and add to cart

  2. Go to the tab which states “Prescription Clip” and select the RX clip.
  3. Proceed to check out and once you get your order take to your optometrist.

Price ranging example for RX clip + Rydon + Scripted lens

  • Rydon frame = $135 for smoke lenses to $269 for polarized/photochromic models
  • RX clip = $89.00
  • To put your script into the RX clip = $220 - $500 depends on
  • If you choose single vision or multi focal (Multi focal cost more)
  • If you want a coating on the scripted lens. (Coatings cost more)
  • In some cases depends on the material of the lens. If for example you have a powerful prescription they may choose a hi-index lens which is thinner but cost more. Also some scripted lens material has better optical clarity then others. Polycarbonate is generally industry standard but the lowest quality.

RX Direct Prescription Clip

RX Direct Prescription Clip The Direct Prescription Clips is our medium entry-level prescription option.  These two individual clips replace the existing lenses in the frame. Technically it’s a lot harder to make then the standard RX Clips due to the fact that the clips are on a higher curve. (base 7 wrap).  These clips also “open up the tunnel vision” more over the standard RX clips.

These direct RX clips would NOW become the lens you look through and combine your prescription and lens tint. You would simple purchase the frame you require then the RX Direct clips, take the whole lot to the optometrist and they would send the clips to a lab to get your script fitted. Between you and the optometrist you’d chose the vision you want (single or progressive), the material you want, any surface coatings you may want, then finally the lens tint which could be for example a polarized tint, a transition clear tint etc

RX Direct Prescription Clip
Why you would want the Direct RX clips and not.

  • Outside clip now becomes the lens you look through with prescription inserted into it.
  • Frame and scripted lens is lighter over the standard clip & sunglass
  • Could be an issue with eye lashing with standard RX clips but this option sits out a little further from your face thus no issue with lashing. Although most Rudy sports frames do come with adjustable nose pads and eye lashing can be overcome pretty easily.
  • RX direct clips cost more then standard RX clips
  • The RX direct clips in this tab only fit the sunglass model you ordered and cannot be transferred to another model whereas the standard RX clip that fits behind the lens will fit 7 other models

To Order simply

  1. Select your model

  2. Go to the tab which states “Prescription Clips” and select the RX Direct clip
  3. Proceed to check out and once you get your order take to your optometrist.

Price ranging example for RX Direct clip + Rydon + Scripted lens

  • Rydon frame = $135 for smoke lens with black frame.
  • RX clip = $99.00
  • To put your script into the RX clip = $220 - $500 depends on -
    • If you choose single vision or multi focal (multi focal cost more)
    • If you want a coating on the scripted lens. Coatings cost more
    • In some cases depends on the material of the lens. If for example you have a powerful prescription they may choose a hi-index lens which is thinner but cost more. Also some scripted lens material has better optical clarity then others. Polycarbonate is generally industry standard but the lowest quality.
    • Depends on the tint of the lens you request as this will become your scripted lens. Smoke/Neutral lenses cost less then say Polarized or transition lenses.

Rudy Project Sport Reader Sunglasses

Rudy Project Sport Reader Sunglasses

This is our entry-level prescription option. We have managed to get a little square magnifying lens inserted into the bottom of the standard Rudy lens. Powers range from +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5. They are a quick fix enabling the athletes to read their cycle computer, maps, newspaper after training, repair a tyre etc. There is a wide range of tints and polarized lenses available. We CANNOT offer transition or photochromic lenses in this option and its only available in the RYDON model. Prices range from $119 for the frame then $179 to $289 for the lens depending on the type of lens tint you want (Polarized cost more)

To order simply - Click here

  1. Select your frame colour
  2. Select your lens tint
  3. Select your power (+ 1.5, +2.0 or +2.5)
  4. Add to basket and checkout.

Price ranging example

  • Rydon frame = $119 (no lenses, just frame only)
  • Rydon readers $179 for standard smoke tints to $289 for Polarized regardless of the power

Australian Standards AS/NZ 1336 and 1337 Approved

For Mining and Safety

Rudy Project also extends its reach out into the safety and Mining eyewear protection with one model, Rydon in black matte frame colour with photochromic clear lenses. This one model only meets AS/NZ safety/mining for medium impact protection 1336 & 1337 standards approved.

The lenses that are approved are the Impactx Photochromic Clear. These lenses change from complete clear to a smoke grey tint when activated by UV light. So if your under ground in a mine or in a building then the tint would be completely clear, go outside to work and they change colour. Although the standard requires "Medium impact rating", our impactx lenses are far superior to other manufactures as Impactx is bullet proof, blast proof, chemical and acid resistant and guaranteed unbreakable for life.

The frames are lightweight and fully adjustable. The nose pads can be easily adjusted as to the temple ends to wrap around your ears. What we have noticed in the use of safety hard hats is ability of the Rydon temple ends to easily be adjusted so blend into the fitting of the hard hat. The temples in general are also very thin which when adjusted properly will not cause that annoying pain or head aches from pressure points behind your ears.

Why you would want direct in frame Rydon Safety Prescription?

  • Impactx lens material, the strongest prescription lens available
  • Light weight frame and lens
  • Totally adjustable temple ends
  • Totally adjustable Silicon nose pads
  • Base 8 high wrap lens that opens up your tunnel vision
  • Photochromic lens tint, from complete clear to smoke grey colour when activated by UV light
  • Meets and exceeds AS/NZ safety standard for medium impactx 1336 and 1337.
  • Comes with printed ID certificate.
  • Comes with printed markings on the lens and frame as required by Australian Standards.

To Order simply:

Price ranging for Impactx Direct inframe prescription that meet AS/NZ 1336/1337 standards approval
  • Rydon frame with photochromic clear lenses in single vision approx. $990.00
  • If you order multi focal the cost could be an extra $100-$150 approx
  • Diamond coating cost which is optional cost an extra $80-$100 approx

Pictures show Australian Standards markings on lens and frame

Click picture for enlarged version.

Australian Standards AS/NZS 1336 and 1337 Approved Australian Standards AS/NZS 1336 and 1337 Approved Australian Standards AS/NZS 1336 and 1337 Approved Australian Standards AS/NZS 1336 and 1337 Approved

See this simple test showing how acetone (simple nail polish material) does NOT effect Impactx material yet on polycarbonate lenses it breaks.

Youtube Videos

Rydon and 4 different prescription options

How to insert RX Clips

ImpactRX, understand what this lens is about

How to order Prescription clips

How Photochromic Clear Lenses change colour in UV Light

Testimony from Tim Bradley


My Rudy Project ImpactRX Lens's Have Arrived

Testimony from Tim Bradley

If like myself you suffer from eyesight complications and need to wear corrective lenses - be it contacts or spectacles, then the latest technological developments from Rudy Project could be what you've been looking for.

I like, many others in this country suffer from myopia, or in more common terms, short sightedness. If you're a sufferer of myopia like me then you have probably been affected from time-to-time by irritating factors that are associated with training and racing in contact lenses. I've lost count of the number of triathlons and cycling races where sweat has dripped down into eyes and caused an irritable feeling under my contact lenses, especially when the sweat is mixed with sunscreen or zinc cream.

Until recently I was having little luck finding a pair of frames that would be able to accommodate my prescription requirements yet also have a performance look and functionality. However, after a recent conversation I had with professional triathlete Mitch Anderson, who also suffers from similar vision problems, he recommended I have a chat with Greg Rule from Rudy Project about a new lens technology Rudy Project released for athletes such as myself who require corrective lenses of some description. I gave Greg a call and explained to him I had suffered from myopia and I was sick of wearing contact lenses while training, especially in summer when sweat often combines with a splash of sunscreen, causing a stinging sensation when it gets underneath the contact lens.

When it gets underneath the contact lens. Greg recommended that I try the Rudy Project ImpactRX range, as the technology can be combined with photochromic ability too, which means the lenses adapt to light levels and adjusts to the UVlight appropriately. Now, to be honest, I have always had a preconceived image of prescription glasses for use in sport. Probably due to my love for American sitcoms, I've always had an image of sports prescription glasses looking like the Steve Urkel-style sports goggles. This quickly changed after I paid a visit to one of the Rudy Project specialists at Visionary Eyewear in Perth to check out the frames that could incorporate ImpactRX lenses. In fact, to my surprise, ImpactRX lenses can be incorporated into a lot of the Rudy Project performance range including the Rydon, Horus, Noyz, Zyon, Ekynox SX and Guardyan models.

Although prescription sun-vision lenses have been around for a few years now, Rudy Project have taken the technology one step further with the ImpactRX lenses, creating a lens that is so advanced it has numerous professional triathletes including Andy Potts, Yvonne Van Vlerken, Mitch Anderson and Timo Bracht all donning the Italian-made technology.

Joe and the team at Visionary Eyewear had an answer to all my questions about the ImpactRX lenses. When I asked how the technology benefits triathletes, Thomas could've written a book with all the information he had. "The dierence between the Rudy Project lenses and other brands is the quality," Joe said. "Triathletes know with Rudy Project their getting the best quality lens on the market. The ImpactRX lenses with photochromic ability enables athletes with a vision impairment to train outdoors in any light and the lenses will change accordingly while maintaining perfect vision. So if it's light outside the lenses will darken, and if it's dark outside the lenses will become clear, depending on what colour lenses you begin with." I was impressed by the fact the lenses adapt to changing UV light levels, but what else is good about them? "Not only does the ImpactRX lens adjust to UV light, but it's blast proof, bullet proof, guaranteed unbreakable for life and it's 17 per cent lighter in weight than polycarbonate, which is the industry standard," said Thomas.

If you're a sufferer of myopia like me then you have probably been affected from time-to-time by irritating factors that are associated with training and racing in contact lenses.

At this point I was starting to get persuaded that the ImpactRX lenses are the real deal. But I wanted to test Thomas one more time, so I asked him why they had recently been approved for Australian Standards for use in the workplace. "Well, the ImpactRX range has a Hi Thermal stability, which means they can be used in conditions up to 80 degrees celsius, and they're resistant to acid and chemical damage. On top of this, the ImpactRX have a low refraction index. All this combined makes them suitable for use in sport and the work place too," Joe replied. I was impressed, but to, experience first-hand if the lenses were as good as Joe and Greg said, I organised to have a pair made up with my prescription.

The whole process from eye test to the day the glasses arrive usually takes three weeks, as the orders are processed and made in Italy. If you have a current prescription, you can simply give that to your local Rudy Project eyewear specialist. However, if it's been a while since your last eye test, take it from me, have an eye test. There's nothing worse than having a pair of glasses made up, only to realise your eyes have deteriorated further after you've paid for the glasses - happened to me earlier this year; an expensive mistake! When the Rudy Project Noyz frames with ImpactRX lenses arrived, the rst thing that blew me away when I tried them on was the clarity of vision. No matter what the conditions, the lenses adapted to the light, while maintaining a seriously sharp image. The speed of transition was also a pleasant surprise. I had seen transition lenses in spectacles before, and commonly the change from outdoors to indoors was quite slow. However, the ImpactRX photochromic lenses were very quick to adapt to changing levels of UV light.

I was really happy with how well the photochromic lenses adjusted to the light when I rode to work wearing the Rudy Projects. As I have to leave quite early, in Melbourne it's still very dark; however, the sun does rise fast, so by the time I get to work, it's often very sunny (when the sun does come out). So to not have to swap over lenses during the ride is a huge advantage, and not having to wear uncomfortable contact lenses made the ride a lot more enjoyable. However, for all of the amazing features of the ImpactRX lenses, they don't come cheap. Depending on the frames you choose and which of the four ImpactRX photochromic lenses (clear, grey, red or golf) you decide to go for, the total cost on average is up around the $1000 mark. But if you weigh up the amount of money you will save in contact lenses over the years by training and racing with the ImpactRX lenses, the price for this quality piece of technology isn't so bad. Let's face it too, riding and running in spectacles is not comfortable, and if you're on a long run or ride wearing contact lenses it can get quite irritating. So, for paying that little bit extra, you'll reap the benefits for years to come. After using the product I can say without a quiver of doubt you won't regret the investment.

Joe Florio from Visionary Eyewear East Fremantle

Dealers and Approved Australian Safety Standards Suppliers

EyeZone Emporuim
165 Glenferrie Rd
Malvern, VIC
Ph: 03 9509 1544
Lenz Eyewear EyeCare
Shop 7/155 King William Rd
Hyde Park  SA
Ph: 08 8373 5662
Canberra Optic's
Shop 4/240 City Walk
Canberra ACT
Ph: 02 6247 4748
Eyecare Plus - Wynyard
Shp 18 Suncorp Plc, Jamison St
Sydney   NSW
Ph: 02 9251 1802
Visionary Eyewear
Unit 6/93 Petra Street
East Freemantle, Perth  WA
Ph: 08 9319 1244
Eyes on Edward
57 Edward St
Brisbane QLD
Ph: 07 3221 5299
Look of Australia
160 Collins Street
Hobart, TAS, 7000
Ph: 03 6224 3988
Christopher McMahon Optometrist
Shop 82 Pacific Fair Shp Cnt
Broadbeach   QLD
Ph: 07 5526 2222
Visual Eyes
Level 1, Shop 319
Sunshine Plaza, Horton Pde Maroochydore, QLD
Ph: 07 5479 6444
Trak Spex
Shop 6, Village Walk Arcade
493 Toorak Road
Toorak, VIC, 3142
Ph - 03 98276256



New Zealand

Gates Eyewear - Auckland
17a Remuera Rd
New Market, Auckland
Ph - 9524 4962



For total piece-of-mind, only purchase authentic Rudy Project ImpactRX™ Prescription lenses from authorised Rudy Project Australia retail partners as listed. Genuine Rudy Project ImpactRX™ lenses are manufactured under strict quality control in Italy, then precision cut and frame fitted in our overseas laboratories to create, and ensure perfect and maximum comfort fit.

Some unprincipled optometrists and operators use 'replica' lenses which are NOT approved by Rudy Project Australia, and will render the complete frame WARRANTY VOID.

Be aware - NO spare parts and NO service guarantee conditions will be applicable if you cannot product a receipt of payment from one of our listed and approved retailers. You will not be able to make ANY claim on your warranty here in Australia if you have NOT purchased from an authorised retailer.

Don't get caught out with unscrupulous practice. Ensure you confirm with your retailer you are purchasing authentic Rudy Project ImpactRX™Prescription lenses for your Rudy Project frames from ANY retailer, but just play it safe and go straight to one of our retailers and be confident you will receive the service and support Rudy Project customers deserve.

Rudy Project Direct In-Frame Warranties

Coating warranty

Rudy Project Direct in frame Warranties

Diamond and hard coating are warranted for a period of 2 years from purchase date. The warranty is limited to a one time replacement of the same prescription. (You cannot get a warranty and change your prescription to a different power). Damage due to improper care and handling is not covered. Be aware to keep your Rudy Project direct in-frame prescription sunglasses away from Acetone, Ammonia, glue, solvents, chain oil, fragrances, sprays suntan cream as any of these materials can impact the coating on the lens.

Scratched Lenses

Hard coating is always included on the Rudy Project Direct in-frame lenses, even if it provides superior resistance to scratches, it cannot prevent scratches or damage in case of crashes, grinding or contact with scratchy surfaces. Please also that scratches can affect “multi laser” coatings more then other tints. Rudy Project is not responsible for improper use or care.

Photochromic LIMITED Warranty only

Photochromic pigments of Rudy Project Prescription lenses get different ranges of activation when compared to plano non prescription lenses, because of the different manufacturing processes we use for prescription lense. Photochromic lens activation is also effected by environmental conditional like temperature and altitude changes including humidity. For example photochromic lenses change LESS in humid countries. Photochromic Pigments do react to UV rays: the stronger is the radiation or UV light, the faster will the activation. Photochromic pigments suffer from an aging effect, that being the longer the photochromic lenses are exposed to UV light the less range of activation. There is no limit to the amount of activations in the lifetime of the photochromic lenses.

Generally, the athlete or user of Rudy Project direct in-frame prescription frames / lenses will require a complete change of prescription power every two years. Your eyes will change long before the limited warranty comes about therefore the user will need to get a complete new prescription lens to meet the changes in their eyes.

How to look after your Rudy Project Eyewear

Rudy Project is focused in development and selection of materials with the highest standards in order to ensure maximum durability of its products but there are a few rules for the use and maintenance of glasses that contribute to making their life longer

  • Do not leave your glasses face down and put them in their case when you are not using them
  • Clean your sunglasses regularly with a soft soap and cold water and dry them with a soft clean cloth.
  • We recommend purchasing a “lens cleaner”, this ensures a better vision without harming the lens coating.
  • Avoid any contact with acetone, ammonia, glue, suntan cream lotion, solvents, chain oils, fragrance, sprays, insecticides and household cleaning products
  • When exposed to the SALT, regularly wash lenses and frames with freshwater in order to prevent oxidation or corrosion
  • Do not leave your sunglasses in a hot environment that may damage your lenses and frame – for example the dashboard of your car.
  • For Triathletes that may swim in a chorine pool then ride straight after the Swim, its important that you wash your sunglasses straight after your session. Chorine is a chemical element that reacts with any sunglass coating.