Rudy Project Technology: Design Innovation

Rudy Project Technology: Design Innovation

Innovation, research, aesthetics, technology and safety are just a few of the fundamental elements of our products' revolutionary design. Rudy Project's R&D team draws inspiration from athletes' and Rudychampions' performances to design revolutionary helmets and eyewear. The style of our collections is thoroughly avant-garde, with dynamic, attractive lines. It is the fruit of ongoing innovation and the result of being manufactured exclusively in Italy, something we feel is highly important.



Rudy Project Technology: Comfort

All our sunglasses are entirely conceived to offer an unparalled comfort and a perfect fit. Designed by biometric engineers, tested by professional athletes, most of our products incorporates phenomenal comfort solution, complete adjustability and full customization.

Our products perfectly fit the physical features of each ethnic group.


Quick Change Interchangeable Lens System

The system of interchangeable lenses called Quick Change allows you to easily and swiftly change out lenses to manage any light condition and visual comfort. Rudy Projects offers superior optical solutions for weather management.

Integrated Air Conditioning

No more misting fog, but a totally clear and bright vision. Special air channels on the inside of each temple allow airflow to reduce thermal shock ensuring a perfect vision and comfortable ventilation.

360° Fully Adjustable

The system of interchangeable lenses called Quick Change allows you to easily and swiftly change out lenses to manage any light condition and visual comfort. Rudy Projects offers superior optical solutions for weather management.

Vent Controller

No more fog, crystal clear vision: our patented Vent Controller is a simple yet practical innovation allowing air flow control coming from the lens intake to reduce thermal shock to prevent fogging, ensure perfect vision and comfortable ventilation. It can be locked easily, closing airflows in a snap.

Rudy Project Technology: Safety Project

Rudy Project is a leading name in research and development in fully advanced helmets and sunglasses for complete fall protections. Advanced technology tuned with cutting-edge optics and helmets, the art of making extraordinary sport safety products.
We are committed to providing superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic
elastomers, which prevent injuries in the event of falls, impact and collisions.
Our products are designed and planned for sports, incorporate state-of-the-art technology
and ensure a matchless and comfort fit.

Our sincere gratitude to the thousands of our customers who send us emails, tweets,
posts and letters of appreciation on our products and technologies.  It truly is the
highest honor we can receive and what truly motivates all of us at Rudy Project to do
what we love doing – designing, creating and building the best products
in the world. Thank you.

Safety Project"Dear Rudy, I am writing to state how impressed I am at the quality of the ImpactX lenses. I was involved in a serious cycling accident at high speed on Wednesday night, suffering severe facial lacerations and a suspected broken neck. True to the guarantee's word, while my new Zyon glasses were scratched up good and proper, the lenses remained completely unbroken. I have a 6 inch scar and 30 stitches across my left eye but there is no doubt that the Rudy glasses and the ImpactX lenses saved both my eyeball and my sight. Neither my wife or I will ever buy another brand of glasses again - we are Rudy Project converts for life, despite already owning 4 pairs. I am gutted at having my new glasses ruined (I've only had them 4 weeks) but have no doubt that these glasses are worth owning." - Regards, Mike.

Rudy Project Technology: ImpactX®

Building on ImpactX® technology and after years of laboratory research and field tests with professional athletes, Rudy Project is today proud to introduce ImpactX® 2 , a new array of technical lenses perfected with unparalleled cutting- edge photochromic particles, providing unique climatic management technology: getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds and tailored to reach a custom color from an initial clear state, ImpactX® 2 lenses will enhance contrast , even in darker conditions, they will improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection.

Guaranteed Unbreakable For Life

ImpactX® lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life. The molecular semi-rigid properties are developed exclusively for Rudy Project and ensure the physical protection of your eyes against impacts, chemical and atmospheric agents; but because they are semi-rigid they will also minimize injuries during impact of fall.


ImpactX® lenses are 16% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate; they have lower internal stress and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate, resulting in sharper images, higher definition, reduces "rainbowing", and more visual comfort. The program offers cutting-edge photochromic and polarized technology for unparalleled weather management.

Photochromic Technology

Unlike most photochromic standard lenses, ImpactX® lenses are fused in the mass of the polymer itself with a complex manufacturing process, making it more resistant and clearly optically superior to most competitors.


Exclusive Semi-Rigid Platform

ImpactX® is a family of patented polyurethane
optical polymers, transparent and unbreakable,
originally developed for military and aerospace
requirements to provide bullet-proof, transparent,
and light-weight material capable of providing
superior protection, reliability and longer
lasting performance than polycarbonate.


Rudy Project Technology: ImpactX®


ImpactX® lenses boast breakthrough photochromic semi-rigid molecular properties formulated exclusively for Rudy Project and represents today the most advanced technological solution in the fields of vision protection. Thanks to their transparency and superior optical quality, lenses made in ImpactX® ensure sharp vision and unbeatable comfort.

ImpactX Specifications

superior perception - sharper image - maximized chromatic range - enhanced contrast definition


Engineered for sunny days and bright light conditions, the LASER coating is a specific chrome mirror finish offering higher sunshine protection while boasting superb cosmetic appearance.


The ImpactX® Polarized Photochromic lenses offer razor-sharp clarity and cut glare while allowing you to see your digital read outs. Years of research with professional sailing teams have allowed Rudy Project engineers to develop a tailored polarization technology scientifically laminated to read onboard polarized GPS LCD screens without compromising clarity, performance and quality of the lens. Truly amazing technology!.


In addition to a faster activation, the innovative photochromic pigments specifically developed for the new ImpactX 2 lenses*, incorporate an advanced filter function which scientifically modulates the wavelength of light passing through the lens: by eliminating a portion not perceived by our eyes and optimizing its spectrum, the HDR technology provides extraordinary visual performance. While maximizing the chromatic range, perceived benefits include superior perception, sharper image and unparalleled enhanced contrast definition.


Rudy Project Technology: ImpactX® (not all lenses are available for every model)


Rudy Project Technology: RP OPTICS

For particular light conditions, Rudy Project offers technically advanced specialty lenses with high visual quality tailored to your needs. The various lenses enable you to perform and excel in any light or atmospheric condition you may encounter.

RP Optics™ is a design philosophy that aims to improve visual performance and eye protection by means of selective lenses with high optical and mechanical performance, combined with the most advanced technologies and scientific applications.

Our lens program has features common to every type of lens, such as neutralizing ultraviolet radiation completely up to 400 nm (UV 400 Protection), and maintains colors integrity even with the dark filters. We believe it is not enough to protect the eyes from hazardous radiation and external agents. It also important to enhance visual acuity and minimize distortion, while offering high quality optics suitable for sports. In some extreme conditions an athlete must rely on technologies to enhance performance and minimize distractions. For this reason, we have expanded the range of filters with specific treatments including antifog, hydrophobic, and photochromic technology.

Always at the forefront of technology, our lenses guarantee visual acuity and physical protection of the eye. High visual quality lenses have the following properties/benefits:
    • reduce glare - enhance contrast
    • protect from ultraviolet rays
    • ensure "true" vision without distortion of colors
    • protect against external agents.


Racing Red
Multilaser Orange
Multilaser Red
Multilaser Blue


Laser Black
Laser brown
Multilaser Red
Polar 3FX Grey



Golf 100
Racing Red
Laser Black


Polar 3FX Hydrotek
Polar 3FX Grey
Multilaser Blue
Multilaser Green
Multilaser Red


Rudy Project Technology: RP Optics


Rudy Project Technology: RP Optics


Rudy Project Technology: Contact Information

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